Learn About Your Skin type

Your Skin is a Superhero

Your skin is not just a surface, it’s actually a pretty impressive part of your body. The skin is the body’s largest organ and constitutes approx. 16% of body weight and constantly regenerates itself. And it absorbs up to 80% of everything we apply to it.
The skin is the organ that forms the body’s border with the outside world. The skin serves different purposes; it protects the body from external influences such as heat, cold, radiation or bacteria and helps maintain a stable internal environment.
Your skin consists of 3 layers:
The epidermis, leather skin and subcutaneous skin.
The epidermis is a super-thin layer of protective skin cells that prevent chemical substances and microorganisms from entering the body – it is also pigment cells in the epidermis that cause you to become sunburnt. The skin cells in this skin layer are constantly renewing themselves.
The leather skin contains many collagen fibers that make your skin elastic, and with the help of blood vessels and sweat glands it helps maintain a constant body temperature. It is also full of nerves, allowing you to feel warm, cold, gentle touches and pain.
The subcutaneous tissue is a deposit of fat, water and salts that protects the body from shock and pressure and acts in isolation. 


Know Your Skin Type

Day cream is an important part of your facial care and it is important to choose the cream according to one’s skin type!

Facial care helps keep the skin healthy during a busy day, where we are all exposed to pollution. It is therefore important to choose the facial care that best suits you and your skin type.
We all have different skin types. Therefore, there is also a wide selection of different facial care products with different properties tailored to use on normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combined skin, sensitive / delicate skin and mature skin.
Read more about the characteristics of your skin type:
Normal skin
Normal skin is perceived as neither oily nor dry, but has a good moisture balance and a smooth fine skin tone. A good cream for normal skin is our 24 Hour Cream and our Creme de la Creme Chocolate Day Cream.
Combined skin
You have a combination of one or more skin types if:
The greasy areas are mainly the forehead, nose and chin (T zone), pimples most often appear in the T zone. Dry areas are often the cheeks and sometimes also in the forehead. A good cream for combination skin is our Purifying Extract Day Cream.
Dry & sensitive skin
The skin is irritated and red. It itches and scales. Dry skin areas are most often found on the face, hands, arms and legs.
The skin does not withstand sunlight very well and is easily burned. Also tends to react irritated to perfumes and additives. A good cream for dry skin is our  Eco Nut Day Cream and our Avocado Repair Day Cream.