Beauty Tips for Healthy Skin

Morning Routine by Elisabeth Gierus

Turn your home into a wellness temple

Fancy a relaxing facial or face massage at home? We collected our best beauty tips and face massage instructions in our 'Wellness at Home' leaflet (German only). We also prepared a "Wellness at Home" set containing 8 organic skin care products. That way you have everything you need for a facial and relaxing massage at hand. Download the leaflet, grab your beauty products and get your own wellness temple started. 


DIY Face Massage

An anti-stress face massage can delay aging by stimulating the blood circulation and improving facial movement.   

The face has a large amount of free nerve endings, which is why a facial massage can be very impactful in the same way the rest of the body is.  You can see a clear effect and your skin will appear younger and more relaxed.

The face muscles are – opposite to the muscles in the rest of the body – attached directly to the skin which influences our looks directly. This is also the reason why your mood is mirrored in your face. Stress and tensions can contract your face muscles, leaving a hard and angry look. That is an issue where a face massage will reduce the tensions and provide the face with a friendlier and gentler look. On the other hand, the aging process can weaken the muscles in your face leaving it with thin lines around the mouth, the eyes and in the forehead.

Face massage tutorial

Use pressure and stroke your face without pulling the skin, when treating yourself with a face massage. Make it part of your daily rituals and incorporate this 3-5 minute routine, to pamper yourself.

Step 1: Stimulating massage

  1. Apply 5 drops of serum (for you skin type) with your fingertips.
  2. Gently spread it over your cheeks, forehead and chin.
  3. Pad the serum on the rest of you face and neck with slow, light movements.
  4. Massage your face with circle movements upwards and only with light pressure.

Step 2: Relieve tensions

  1. Place your hands on each side of your nose.
  2. Gently press your ears with your thumbs.
  3. Move your index finger from nose towards your ears, in line with your cheekbone.
  4. Smoothen your skin under your eye moving towards the temples.

Repeat six times.

Step 3: Calming massage

  1. Place your hands right over your eye brows.
  2. Press your thumb and index finger between the eye brows and hold the pressure for 5 sec.

Repeat five times.

Step 4. Erase your forehead wrinkles

  1. Place your fingertips in the centre of your forehead
  2. Massage with circular movements from the centre to the side, direction the temples.

Repeat until you feel relaxed.

The skin has now absorbed the serum but if any serum remains, rub it on your hands and cuticles.

Elisabeth Gierus Skincare serums are water free and produced with organic vitamins, oils and plant extract, making the skin becoming smooth and beautiful.

How to avoid chapped and dry lips

There is no time of year where you can completely avoid chapped and dry lips. Cold weather and dry heat damage your lips in the winter, while sun, salty water and warm weather are just as damaging during the summer months.

What can you do?
With a bit of preventive maintenance, with an quality organic lip-balm it is easy to avoid dry and chapped lips all year round.
What prevents chapping?
The lips don’t have a chance again external influences, certain lifestyle factors and – last but not least – neglect. Firstly, you should avoid licking your lips when they feel dry, even though it seem the most natural of things to do. It simply dries them out further! If you always keep a lip-balm at the ready, you’ll avoid the temptation to go around licking your lips.
If your lips are flaking
If the skin of your lips is already at a point where it stars to peel, you can carefully rub off the dead flakes of skin so that lip-balm can work efficiently on the skin underneath. Use a wash cloth to do this in shower when your skin has already been softened by warm water.